Star Wars Bad Batch Figures

Prepare thyself for May Fourth with Star Wars Bad Batch with the Black Series figurines. Mmmm… Hmmm… I don’t even normally collect action figures but I might pick these up myself.


I saw a article two days ago along the lines of “you may want to pick these up before May Fourth.”

It didn’t give any reason other than the fact that is an affiliate getting commissions and the obvious fact that Bad Batch will be crazy popular. So I shrugged it off. Then I started rewatching the Bad Batch episodes from Clone Wars season 7 last night and I got hooked again. Actively fighting the temptation to buy more figures right now.

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Yeah, I saw something trying to claim sort of the same thing, like they’re expecting shortages or something. Might be valid since this is debuting on May 4th right?

Yeah. Valid. The shortage will be temporary though.

The pre-order will sell out, but retailers will order above that. People will cancel their orders and by the time the figures come out there will plenty in stock, at least for a while. After that, if they sell out, more will be produced. It may just follow by 3-6 months after.

But to Americans, that means nothing since most have zero patience for anything now… :wink:

No doubt. There are some expensive Black Series figures because they are popular and they aren’t currently being produced:

But for the most part within the weeks the figures are released and a few weeks after that, if you really want one and didn’t pre order, you’ll be able to find it with some searching and likely without having to pay aftermarket prices. It takes a long time for black series figures to balloon up into the $100 range. Usually years when Hasbro has moved production into something else.

So, just pre-order and you’re good. No hunting necessary. Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile:

Yeah. Pre-order and cancel if you change your mind in the intervening weeks or months.

I got some of the figures last month from EE. I ordered the wave set months ago. They are nice. I have more coming later May or June.

That’s what I ended up doing. I like the figures and I like season 7 of clone wars but I can’t get everything! Decided to draw the line at figures from Star Wars animation and just stick with live action Star Wars figures. Totally arbitrary and I’ll probably regret it but I have to throttle down somewhere!

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