Star Wars Black Series Mandalorian Moff Gideon, Greef Karga, and Kuiil Images Leaked


I really dig Quill. I have spoken.

I am enjoying the Mandalorian but overall the pacing is a bit slow. I have a feeling that will change in season three. After that I really do hope they do a Doctor Aphra show.

I am glad that Hasbro is supporting The Mandalorian will a bunch of figures that the fans want. Plus having the Razor Crest made is huge. Thanks for sharing.

I’m hot and cold on the pacing. It is classic spaghetti western style with sweeping landscape shots and more cinematography than dialogue. I appreciate that, but I definitely think they need to mix up the pacing to hold the audiences attention.

Among episodes, the “weekly adventure” or “creep of the week” types are less preferable to me than the ones that move the broader story and mythos along.

I disagree, I actually like the weekly adventures each episode) more than if it was only 1 big long arc. Gives a major feeling of actually filling out the giant star wars universe with it introducing us to so many new world’s and civilizations. And for the dialogue, Mando is a ‘speak quietly but carry a big stick’ type so I think it matches fairly well.

Anyone noticing these Mandalorian don’t really live up to their reputation? I mean, Jango gets decapitated by Windu with a single swing of a light saber, Boba falls into the Sarlac Pitt after getting bested by a blind smuggler with a stick.

Now we have Din Djarin…who, if it wasn’t for some dumb luc/right place right time, would have died several times over already. If anything, he seems to be too trusting of people he needs help from…almost seems desperate.

“my mission is to protect this founding…I don’t know you well at all but can you watch him for me? I gotta go hang out with some Mandalorian who defected from the creed but I’m sure I can trust them to keep their word…”

Don’t get me wrong, I like the show and Mandalorian lore being explored…but it’s almost as though his judgment is clouded a bit…maybe due to being an orphan himself and having an attachment to the foundling. I find myself thinking “wonder what gaffe he’s going to make this week…and who will save his hide this time…”

You mean “Harry Potter” syndrome? Some great wizard.

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