Star Wars Black Series Mando

I know there was a post here, somewhere. My tired self couldn’t find it, so my apologies. Got to love approving back order dates 5-10 times, just to get this when ordered wayyyyyyy back. Sorry, meant to post this Tuesday.


Hasbro has completely shit the bed with their toy lines, distribution, and use of store exclusives. I’m a lifelong collector and their ineptitude has moved me away from the hobby. Sure, I’ll buy things here and there, but I used to spend a fortune on their products.
I’ll put blame on Walmart and Target as well. Horrendous… everything about the way they handle it all.
It’s pathetic…
Sorry you got the cancel…that sucks.


It was so funny the other day: they opened up facebook comments to questions they would answer during FanFest or whatever it’s called going on tomorrow. Today?

Anyway, the comments were brutal. “Have you considered selling your toys in stores?” “I like paying $50 more on Pulse Premium to not get Sold Out items, but is there any way I can pay MORE to not get items?”


Amazon exclusive