Star Wars Bounty Hunter Disney+ show

A bounty hunter that has Force powers…

Article writer speculates it could be Omega…?

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Aurra Sing?

bad batch arnt bounty hunters though, im guessing its an all new character

The Inquisitors? Darth Vader 6 just shot up even higher than it already was. I have that on my watch list at mycomicshop, they listed 2 last week for $110 in VF shape. I wonder how high now.

Is Aurra Sing Force sensitive? Not sure on all of her backstory. I was hoping to see her in a flashback scene or two in Book of Boba Fett.

Asajj Ventress, Count Dookus apprentice was betrayed by Dooku and her Apprentice Savage Oppress during the Clone Wars.

She later became a bounty Hunter after meeting a young Boba Fett.

This is canon.


It is my understanding that she is a former Jedi, or at least had training. However this knowledge was obtained before the Dark times. Before the Disney Empire.

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Deathstick. She’s a Nightsister, basically Force witches.


IIRC, she’s dead by the time in which this article says it will take place. It’s all rumor, so who knows what is real, if any of it is.

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In Legends she was trained by The Dark Woman, a Jedi who took a vow disowning her name. Aurra obviously strayed from the path.

Aurra Sing could appear, but either Beckett’s comments about her demise would have to have been lies, or the show would have to take place before Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Putting money where my mouth is on Aurra Sing. Got two copies of her first cover appearance in today:


She looks like a Lady Lobo on that space Harley.

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A little, huh?

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