Star Wars - High Republic #1 Nihil Store Exclusive 3PM

Store exclusive for the high Republic dropping in 7 minutes featuring The Nihil. Imo 1:10 is just as good if your looking for a Nihil cover. Trade limited to 3000 and virgin is 1000.

My bad everyone! The drop is actually tomorrow at 3 PM EST.

Works for me, I missed this today so tomorrow is better!

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Its selling now, they started selling at 2:45 Eastern

Grabbed 5 trade dress because why not

One of your CA brothers notified me that you are not conforming to the Comics Anonymous 12 step program you enrolled in… Sir, you just lost your 1 day sobrietary coin for buying “too many” comics due to the “because why not” reasoning… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And I’m sitting here sweating trying not to buy one of these…


Breathe in… breathe out… you don’t need it. Will power! :wink:

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I’m sure these are just the start of the store exclusives for this issue.

169 trade dress still in stock