Star Wars High Republic #3 Mayhew variant set

So this Mayhew Variant blew up this weekend it’s the first cover appearance of Marchion Ro for those that don’t know
The set of 1 trade and 1 virgin variant is available to pre order with me if anyone’s interested
£72/$100 each
£12/$16.70 overseas postage
Free postage within the UK
Prices are currently at £100/$140+ On the secondary right now so if you’re looking for a quick sell or a some great art work to hold on to with future potential it’s a good pick up message or comment below if you’re interested
2 available

Or go across to the drunkwookie website where he’s doing a give away on this cover! I entered because I need one for my personal collection and no doubt some of you do to!



Ahhhh no. Those prices I’ll invest in cover A’s instead.

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Damnnn I sold 3 for £92 on eBay I thought I was helping out the forum :rofl:

If I promise to burn one copy and donate another one and rip off the page so you have a reading copy will that satisfy you guys?


That is the smart place, - cover A - to put your money if you’re investing in comic books. :100:


Edit - no hate just a joke don’t cry

All this thread is missing is a banjo and some carnival barking…

I don’t get this?

It’s meant to be the ones that are complaining about the price are the ones that are trying to sell their own copies for a higher price OR the ones that are looking for the set complaining about the price when it’s only £30 more than what the original set cost instead of £100 more and they’re shooting it down and then complaining in the future when they can’t get the cover cheap

Either ways bad joke but good meme kind of like Rey bad story but good universe

Yeah, replace CHU community with whoever was complaining… cause now you’re lumping in everyone instead of the few… :wink:



@agentpoyo can we close this thread please