Star Wars High Republic #4 Mayhew Variant Speculation

Mayhew strikes again with this Avar Kriss cover :fire:

Limited to
3000 trade $20 ($30 with signature and COA)
1000 virgin and trade sets $55 ($75 with signature and COA)

March 19th 9am PST/12pm EST

I’m no expert on Star Wars so I’m going to turn this over to @drunkwooky to confirm if this is a first cover appearance

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Soooooo tired of Avar Kriss covers…

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She is ready to defeat the forces of Mordor just in time to join the Hobbits for 2nd breakfast.

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Two or three High Republic #1 variants compete for first Avar Kriss cover.

This is pretty, but I don’t know if I’ll grab it.


Zelda got an upgrade


we speculate covers now?
we speculate what happens in the books

Sure… covers can cause demand and heat. Look at ASM #55… nobody cared what happened on the inside… everyone ended up wanting it for the cover. :wink:


I bought it for all the monologuing myself.


I wonder if CGC would be amenable to grading just the cover, without the inside, as a special variant


HAHAHAHA, the “no guts” variant.


Colors remind me of the Hans variant, which everyone should have multiples of btw if you’re doing spec right.


The more and more I look at it, the more I think I’ll end up trying to get it. I won’t pull my hair out doing it, but I’ll show up tomorrow and see if I can just grab the trade dress.

The only content hinted at occurring in #4 is Sskeer turning straight up dark side. Maybe. So, I’m not hot on the contents’ spec-worthiness. It’s also not Avar Kriss’ first anything, cameo, appearance, cover or otherwise. It’s a pretty cover though.

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Assuming Disney does things right, Avar Kriss will be a household name within a couple years. Once that happens this would likely heat up, I am going for a set but that is it.

I actually like this one.

I like the Mayhew for the flip. Buy the set keep the trade