Star Wars High Republic Adventures #3 from IDW-Potential First Appearance of Marchion Ro, Eye of the Nihil

Yeah what does that mean

I think it’s just an unstable kyber crystal. I’m just pointing out that it’s and interesting and seemingly deliberate choice.

Lula is internally lacking in confidence. Maybe she’s projecting that uncertainty through her kyber crystal? Like Kylo projected his rage and immaturity through his? I’m just spit-ballin’ here.


Your spit balls sound like fast balls #pause.

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Is this Marchion Ro with a different mask? It seems like High Republic Adventures #2 will be his 1st full appearance.

This is just a preview of the first pages, but I’m guessing he’s going to be in more panels.

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Yeah, that’s Marchion Ro in red and black on the right page 1. I’ve made the point before that they may be playing a little fast and loose with the timing on that helmet, because he only creates it at the end of Light of the Jedi, and at that point, the Nihil are going back into hiding. This appears to take place before all that when pieces of the ship are still emerging from hyperspace and threatening planets.

But, yes. That’s him.


So issue 2 is the book then?

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It’s the book.

High Republic #3 over at Marvel will only have space for a final page cameo or something like that. First cover goes to High Republic #3 with the Mayhew and Sliney exclusives, though.


Yeah, I’ve heard that HR Adventures takes place before Light of the Jedi. Maybe this helmet is the old one? And the one he creates at the end of the book is the one we see in the Mayhew and Sliney covers?

I don’t know, I’ve only read about a third of Light of the Jedi. I’m really digging it so far!