Star Wars Insider #200 Momoko Virgin Variant

Releasing in February.
Everything Star Wars seems to be hotter than Stiflers mum right now so what’s the chance of this heating up in the future?
Has anyone got any thoughts on this?

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Well my LCS was supposed to order me a copy but I just found out they didn’t so yeah. Now I need to look for one. Does anyone have a link?

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The Virgin variant is a store exclusive. Now it is my understanding they didn’t release the print run. We had discussed this on here before it was announced when the cover art hit TFAW back when it wasn’t approved. I ordered the regular trade dress copies from TFAW


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#200 will likely show up close or around release time. They’re packaging is kind of lame but I think they ship out of your neck of the woods so probably less time on the road so less potential damage done.


Thanks Poyo

Golden Apple still has some

Ugghhh… not at $20 they don’t… :innocent:

That was for the virgin and foil set. They have the regular priced at $15

Newsstands came out today. I may actually like this cover better than the Momoko.

Out of about 10 copies on the rack at BAM only one was NM or better.


I definitely prefer the Momoko to this.

I don’t think it’s her best work, or even her better work. But I will wait to pass final judgement when I see it in person.

That’s fair. Its not her best work, but id rather have an art cover than a still shot.

I pre-ordered 4 I think…

Star Wars Insider #200 Collector Pack

Collector pack includes the newsstand and momoko PX variant. Not the subscription variant though.