Star Wars Insider 202 (FOC Cover)

I’m not sure what “FOC Cover” means, but here ya go, new solicit!

Star Wars Insider #202 (FOC Cover)

Go behind the scenes of Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge! As we speak to cast members Bobby Moynihan and Debra Wilson fro the ILMxLAB’s VR experience. Plus discover how to keep a feisty astromech under control with R2-D2 wranglers Lee Towersey and Hassan Taj, and our exciting Star Wars: The High Republic fiction continues.


Final Order Cut-off after the FOC date you can no longer order this cover.

I don’t understand the distinction. Is it because it’s a magazine printing to order regardless of Diamond’s schedule? i.e. Titan prints the other covers and distributes them through other avenues afterwards?

In a sense, every first print Diamond distributes is a FOC variant.

It’s really just a new cover that gets added before FOC so it has a shorter window to order it. This is still almost 3 weeks out though so whatever Titan

Nothing to do with magizine size normal comics can also have FOC dates, for instance this cut off is April 5th after that date you can no longer order while other covers can still be ordered close to or even after the release date. Another example could be the Jenny Frison variant for SIKTC #1 that was also an FOC variant. Plenty books have FOC on them.

Is it that for non FOC covers they print extra, so you can order more after FOC until supply is depleted? While FOC they print to order?

BTW, I don’t like this cover anyway.