Star Wars Insider #206 PX Exclusive

Star Wars Insider #206 Previews Exclusive Ed

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That’s a cool cover

THIS ISSUE FOCUSES ON THE BEST OF BOBA FETT Features an exclusive INTERVIEW WITH TEMUERA MORRISON! LUCASFILM AT 50 - Writer: Kristin Baver looks back on Five Decades of Amazing Adventures Includes brand new and exclusive Star Wars: The High Republic Fiction Plus much more!

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I have a shirt with that exact same graphic

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I thought it looked familiar…

I can’t figure out who the artist is for issue 205PX…but I don’t like it. What the heck is Darth doing?

I feel like the PX and FOC covers are just their excuse to throw crap at the wall and see what sticks. It’s pretty low stakes for them.

I may have to seek out a newsstand copy as well…

Star Wars Insider #206 (Newsstand Edition)

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After some time to ruminate on this, I think I prefer newsstand on this one.

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