Star Wars Insider Thread

Where are you ordering from? I thought about doing a subscription but the doesn’t guarantee FOC exclusives and such or do they?

I haven’t seen an FOC cover in a long time.

Far as I know there are only newsstand, direct (previews, or PX) and subscription covers. They have been doing special foil covers, but those are just fancy direct copies.

To get the subscription covers you need to subscribe for a year, through Titan. But some are available as back issues through their site.

Wow, 2 days left too.

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she charges like 400 for auto


For awhile they were only going for under 250 but seems to have edged up since the show started.

For some reason I thought she was around $140. But I think I’m may have confused her with Sackoff.

I find it hard to believe anyone would pay $400 for a signature…I think you could have gotten MJ Fox and Christopher Lloyd for that price, and a photo last year at NYCC.

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Megacon sigs for $125…book yours today and lock in that price!


i may have made same mistake lol


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That’s still $125 more than I would pay for an autograph…


Interesting subscriber cover this month…


PreviewsWorld has it being released Dec. 5, 2023
Target has the release date Jan. 23. 2024
Amazon has it being released on March. 19, 2024