Star Wars Insider Thread


Yeah I’m copping these

I am trying to get the preorder discount fixed, something happened with the app.


Dammit…can’t choose between the Previews Edition (Bo-Katan) and the Bad Batch team…guess I’m getting both!

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Insider 208 Subscriber cover:


saw that on ebay a few days back

So hard to choose from the different 213 covers…

Star Wars Insider #213 (FOC Lego Boba Fett)

Star Wars Insider #213 (FOC Cad Bane)

Star Wars Insider #213 Previews Exclusive Ed

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This might help

If you can’t decide, just go with the Star Wars Insider #213 (Newsstand Edition) haha…

Honestly, I like the Cad Bane one the best and I think it is the most promising. Boba Fett covers are everywhere where as Cad Bane being on the cover is not so prominent… yet at least!

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Same logic I had.

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Found the foil variant at an LCS for cover ($20).

Wish the cover wasn’t wrap around, but it’s a pivotal scene and since the book was in near perfect shape decided to grab it as I was considering buying a copy online, but concerned I’d get a damaged copy.

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The variants for 218 are pretty cool. It’s an Ahsoka heavy issue.

I’m liking the newsstand the most. The variants don’t do it for me. Maybe there will be an FOC variant. But I might just subscribe and see what I get for a subscriber variant.

Definitely picking up this issue though.

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I love the vader v ahsoka cover. But really anything w/ Ahsoka is nice.