Star Wars Insider Thread


Yeah I’m copping these

I am trying to get the preorder discount fixed, something happened with the app.


Dammit…can’t choose between the Previews Edition (Bo-Katan) and the Bad Batch team…guess I’m getting both!

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Insider 208 Subscriber cover:


saw that on ebay a few days back

So hard to choose from the different 213 covers…

Star Wars Insider #213 (FOC Lego Boba Fett)

Star Wars Insider #213 (FOC Cad Bane)

Star Wars Insider #213 Previews Exclusive Ed

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This might help

If you can’t decide, just go with the Star Wars Insider #213 (Newsstand Edition) haha…

Honestly, I like the Cad Bane one the best and I think it is the most promising. Boba Fett covers are everywhere where as Cad Bane being on the cover is not so prominent… yet at least!

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Same logic I had.