Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina VIP LEGO

For all you VIP LEGO members out there… there’s a new Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina that’s only available for you VIP members currently.


You also get this awesome Yoda Light Saber when you purchase this as VIP member:




Yeah, it’s a big set. 3000+ pieces. I bet that Yoda Light Saber gift can be offloaded at a decent price to make up for it.

Seems some are already listing at $500+ on eBay for the Cantina set.

The light saber freebie set is already being listed at $100+

I def want, but keep telling myself I don’t need it. Like the first time ever on some of the minifigs too.

I was weak. I was already ready to give them my cash when I saw the email in my inbox…

Very cool…but I can’t justify $350. Not even for the cool lightsaber.

I still need to purchase Mando’s ship…

BTW, for $350 I expect a Detachable bloody arm with Ponda Baba.

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It’s tough for sure. I haven’t built anything for a while. Mainly since I took a new job in May and have to move 90 or so mins. Still working at my kitchen table and doubt I’ll be in the office this year. Can’t get in the building if I tried, as I’ve only been onsite once, for my interview back in February lol

My problem is that this is more of a playset than a display piece, so I have little interest in it. I’m not much of a minifig collector either, so there’s not much to draw me in.

I do like the Yoda lightsaber, but no way I’m buying that set just to grab one. I’m waiting on my backordered Sith Art series to come in, so that’ll have to be enough Lego for me for right now.

Saber sold out quick I hear online. Some BnM shops still have them. I don’t have one near me though

This morning when I made the link, there was only 3 listings… now there’s over 20 available. of the Light Saber…

Crazy. Haven’t looked but guessing $100 - $150?

Yes, most are being listed within that range.

Where were these when I was a kid?!?..Steep price though…Back in the 80’s it would be about $159 to $179 but still, very cool!

Yeah, inflation sucks… but this is about the price range for the sets with 3000+ pieces.

Makes me want to collect…but after comics and vintage video games I just couldn’t swing it… Already running out of room as well.

It’s why I’m selling off comics… so I have more space for LEGO…

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Plus the Disney tax! Lol