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I decided to sit down and finally read the Kanan series. Very good story.
The comic world has been arguing back & forth over the spec of the Rebels crew with #1 being their first cameo (never named & one panel) & #6 being the 1st full/cover/named. It’s been even more argued due to the likelihood of Sabine Wren being in the Mandalorian.

I don’t know that it matters, but I noticed issue #5 also has a full crew cameo panel of them as well. I’ve yet to see that mentioned and I think it has been just skipped over.
I don’t know if that makes a lick of difference to anyone, but it does make #6 the 3rd appearance versus the 2nd.
Makes #5 a better book too as I’ve noticed most folks cherry pick 1 & 6.
Issue # 1 cameo followed by issue #5 cameo pics.


Issue 1 is full app

Looks like a 1st full to me. Don’t get this ‘cameo’ stuff when characters appear in multiple panels, speak and are even mentioned by name. His name is even in the title! lol

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@Ravager @MacCready
My post was relative to the other crew & mainly Sabine Wren, Ezra, & Hera as they all are rumored to be seen sooner, rather than later on screen. No doubt on Kanan as the entire book/series is a flash back origin.

While I agree #1 should be a 1st for all of them…there are just as many (check eBay for issue #6) that feel these panels are just cameos & insignificant.

Again, much of the argument has been #1 as the cameo but as pictured above, issue #5 also has them all so it’s a bit of a stretch to say #6 issue after we’ve seen them prior (one panel or not).

Certainly the fact that #6 has a far lower print run than #1 is impacting those with copies stance.

#1 is first App in cameo of the crew (other then Kaanan who is full in one).

#5 is second app in cameo of the crew.

#6 is first full app of the crew and first cover.

1/5 are one panel so that’s typically a cameo by most definitions.

Which is the better book 1 or 6? Buy both and don’t worry about it.

Others argue the Rebels magazine is first app and first full as it predates all and has comics in it I believe.

Lucasfilm Reportedly Looking to Cast Live-Action Sabine Wren for ‘Ahsoka’ Series

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This was my logic…nabbed a graded copy of each. Now I can sit on the sidelines and watch the debate… :grin:

How about that…my copies of issue 6 just shipped from CBCS…not peeking at the grade though…

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