Star Wars: Rey is back


I wish I cared, but after the completely disjointed nightmare that was 7-9 I just don’t.


I think the Rey character got done a little wrong with the meandering plot of 7-9. I really like the character though (and Daisy). So, this is good news for me at least.

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Agree. Glad they are giving her another chance at the character with, hopefully, a cohesive vision and competent director and staff.

So thats the movie Sharmeen is directing, that Damon Lindelof was writing a script about…

ooooook. It’s not like Daisy Ridley hasw been doing anything since the last Star Wars movie…

Not excited in the least. Quite disappointed actually. Would have hoped they’d tell a high republic era movie or some other solo/andor one and done.

But no…gotta keep milking the skywalker saga…

Too soon for this, IMO.



They have such a rich history of books to draw on but they go back to the last trilogy which was beyond horrible. I have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever.


I wish they never would have discarded a lot of the the star wars stories and made it “expanded universe”. It kinda seems like they are regretting it now because you see them bringing pieces back slowly.

Meh…I really wish they would move on from everyone involved with the last trilogy.


I hated the most recent trilogy. Hated it passionately from the storylines to the acting. Why they can’t seem to move away from it and start a much needed new chapter, is beyond me.


I thought he and the franchise parted on strained-at-best terms.

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Because they refuse to recognize their failures. Being proud of one’s work is fine, but when it is widely considered crap you gotta call a spade a spade.

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People got bills to pay…

Kathleen Kennedy is why. Literally the worst thing for Star Wars ever,ever! I would rather watch Jar Jar’s conception and birth with extreme close ups surrounded by a tribe of Ewoks singing a celebratory birthin song than more Kennedy movies.

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So you’d rather do this?


Is that right before he turns to Ghost Rider?

I like Boyega, welcome back!

Me too, Attack the Block was good with him as well.