Star Wars The Bad Batch Drops on Disney+ May 4, 2021-New Trailer

A little more connective tissue between Clone Force 99 and Task Force 99:

This reference book on Stormtroopers states that Task Force 99 was named after Clone Force 99. I’m not sure upon what they base this as the Jason Aaron comic came out years before Clone Wars Season 7, but it does state that.

Appreciate all this info. I scored some cheap books from your knowledge that Ebay and other places have them priced as keys.

Aaawwww shoot I wanna see what vintagecomicsandtoys says. Already doubles up on the issue @drunkwooky mentioned.


The Bad Batch is animated??? Damn, I thought it was live action. Rats.

The season finale of Season 7 could have been claymation by the local fifth grade and it probably would have sent chills down my spine.


I just finished season 7 today(2nd time) after an entire series watch (never watched season 1-6) and man I gotta say this was a GREAT series. I passed on so many if these figures lol. Now it’s like I want them. Seeing the Emperors plan come through was crazy… there was no hope for the Jedi. Their allegiance to the republic had them blinded.

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The prices on all of the figures have gone insane in the same way comics have. Absolutely unreal. Ahsoka was always popular but she had topped out at about $250. Certainly not the case now. Just saw one sell for $900 today in a group.
Similar to Ultimate Fallout 4 at 5 Below stores…for months, 5 Below had “the vintage collection” figures by the case stacked.
Amazon could barely give away Ahsoka and the last wave. They offered them as an “ad on” special for $3.
Walmart ran a Black Friday special with an amazing set of 8 figures for $20 bucks as well.
I’ve seen quite a few folks like yourself that have watched the Clone Wars and really enjoyed it.
Many people who also didn’t think much of Ahsoka and felt she was just a toss away character made for kids have come to understand how great she is.
I’m really glad you watched and enjoyed it!!!


Yeah that growth from season 1 to 7 and that build up to Anikans turn… was heart breaking. I felt it… same as with the prequels which I enjoyed. Star Wars I’ve always enjoyed but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize the emotions I have to this franchise.


@drunkwooky Of issues 10, 11, 12, 19, & 21, which is the one to own in your estimation? My guess was 19 and 21 from this thread. My LCS has 10-12 for $5 each, but I passed on them. Mistake? 19 and 21 already gobbled up.

Man sometimes I cringe watching cbsi or other speculators talk about stuff that is wrong or they don’t know about, its like people are looking to these guys to tell them to what to buy and sell but a lot of the time these guys don’t even know what they’re talking about


U referring to the youtube right? If so I just started the spec part for bad batch and it seems like hes all over the place.

Dude just said the 2015 series clones Scar Squadron were named after the bad batch… how so when the comic came out first and clone wars season 7 came out last year…

and this the ONLY book they mentioned in relation to the clones. They bouncing around Maul 1st appearance Hondo 1st appearance and that was it.

  1. 19 is an unnamed cameo of three of the members on the last page. Not the full squad.

10, 11, 12 are a good story and flesh out Sgt Kreel and his time on Nar Shadaa, but it’s before he joins SCAR Squadron (Task Force 99).

In 21, the issue is narrated by Kreel and it details his life story. He grew up fighting in the pits of a Chagar IX, so we know he’s not a clone from Kamino.

In issue 21, it states that Task Force 99’s last sgt was with them “for years”. That could have been Hunter from Bad Batch and the rest of the squad could be reprogrammed clones. Each SCAR squadron member has a different call sign than Bad Batch.

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G-mart has most of these in stock as of this morning and I think they were all cover or below. My comic shop had 10,11,12, and 19

So the image on the right is not from SW 19. This is SCAR Squadron’s SW 19 appearance (I’d call it a cameo):

The image they show is from 21:

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Damn I forgot Kreel had a lightsaber.

Yeah, he’s cutthroat.

I mean, yeah Luke crushes his left arm, but NBD. Grakkus is no slouch either. He’s shredded:

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Yeah I got that read them online after I ordered just found it strange no mention of 21 but they used an image from 21.

Star Wars 21 (Snowtrooper JTC action figure variant)-$1.75 and combined shipping.

It’s not the Aja cover, but it’s cheap. I think they have 11 left. I’ve bought from this seller countless times and they’re top notch. Super fast shipping and real nice packing.

So #10 and #19 would be the main winners for 1st appearances? … and #21 for the cool cover.