Star Wars The Bad Batch Drops on Disney+ May 4, 2021-New Trailer

It looks like the speculation that the Bad Batch (or Clone Force 99) is the same as the SCAR Squadron (Task Force 99 seen below) is a bit suspect at this point in time. The trailer makes it appear that Tarkin is hunting the Bad Batch as rogue clones who disobey orders.

Of course, this could all be a red herring to throw us off the scent, and Tarkin may win out in the end and reprogram these clones into Task Force 99. However, the evidence is pointing against this.

For starters, Clone Force 99 is organized under Sergeant “Hunter” whose homeworld is Kamino (like all clones). Task Force 99 is organized under Sergeant Kreel whose homeworld is Chagar IX. Hunter has a half-face skull tattoo whereas Kreel does not (so it appears).

Some of the other members share archetypes, but nothing enough to hang our hats on I think.

At any rate, Kreel first appears as Grakkus the Hutt’s Gamemaster in Star Wars 10 (2015), he’s first identified as Agent 5241 in #11, First identified as Kreel in #12, first appears with SCAR Squadron (Task Force 99) in #19, and the squadron is first identified by name in #21. Each of these can be purchased relatively inexpensively at this time.


That 21 cover is :fire::fire::fire: for no spec reasons at all. I gotta get that for the wall.

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Both #19 and #21 had prior talk and heat relative to the SCAR comparison as mentioned above, so more often than not, they seem to missing from bins at this point (just in my experiences of digging).

YEah, it’s an Aja I think. There’s an incentive sketch variant which is pretty nuts hard to find.

I thought it was Michael Cho

No, it’s Aja.

I was going through my issues the other day and found my copy and it had a sharpie mark through the barcode! I had to buy another to replace it.

Just found em for under cover great condition bought 2 of each cover.


Screen Comix has a “comic” in which the Bad Batch come out

One of my favorite Ebay Sellers has all of these issues except 19 for under cover: aweinc

No Aja cover on 21, but they have the Snowtrooper action figure variant.

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Also keep in mind that Fennec Shand will be in Bad Batch, so keep your eyes peeled for her first comics appearance ( mean other than Screen Comix which most comic collectors seem to be dismissing). Remember that War of the Bounty Hunters is coming up and she very well may be in that cast of characters.

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@drunkwooky I fully am placing the burden the responsibility on you when it comes to pointing any issue that she first appears in lol.

Ok, then so far it’s Mandalorian Screen Comix. So far, no comic with art that isn’t screen shots of live action.

The Jorge Molina variant cover for Star Wars #23 is the first cover appearance of SCAR Squadron. This cover was initially released in a 1:25 ratio.


Not that you need my seal of approval (or anybody does for that matter) but this checks out after I fact checked it. First cover appearance of SCAR Squadron/Task Force 99.

Mile High has a pretty cool Noto one for #37 as well:

Hope we’re all still on the same page that this squad being the same as Clone Force 99 is looking pretty unlikely right now, so spend accordingly.


Still some cool covers/books to own.

Right. Agreed. It’s just the lawyer in me not wanting people coming back angry that they bough Star Wars 21 expecting it to be a $1000 book.

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LoL understand. I found them for cover or less but every copy on Ebay is way over priced.

I found all the issues but 21 on my comic shop for $4 or less.

And honestly, that’s all that should be spent. Right now the speculation is the most speculative speculation out there. Maybe only Mephisto Wandavision speculation was more speculative.

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Kreel was a cool character anyway so that’s definitely stuff I won’t mind having for around cover price.