Star Wars The Black Series LucasFilm 50th Han Solo, Greedo, and Luke Skywalker

StarWars fans! Commemorate the first 50 years of Lucasfilm with Star Wars The Black Series Han Solo, Greedo, and Luke Skywalker, inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy featuring Star Wars The Power of the Force-themed packaging! Available for pre-order beginning tomorrow at 1:00pm ET exclusively on and

Hasbro have announced three new (updated re-releases) Black Series figures exclusive to Shop Disney, Greedo, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker! These figures come packaged in special Power of the Force cardbacks throwing back to the 1990s Kenner line, including a Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary logo in the upper right!

Grab them at Shop Disney tomorrow (6/18/2021) at 1PM EST.

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@SpideyHunter516 beat you already…

I’m gonna merge yours with his.

There’s also going to be some Walmart & Walgreens Black Series exclusive figures tomorrow too…

Walmart Exclusives drop tommorrow 6/18 at 1pm

Walgreens exclusive drops tommorrow Fri 6/18


Here’s the links for the Walmart figures:


Thanks, @monopolyjackson ! Bookmarked.

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I want those Walmart ones…

The new hope figures were a must for me. I’m curating a shelf with those

Was anyone able to pre-order the Walmart figures?


I was only able to pre-order 1. No Rex for me.

Rex was available on and off. Had to hit F5 a few times.

It did that for me as well. It said sold out then 5 came available then when I was going to check out they sold out. I input my email so hopefully they will let me know when they become available again :crossed_fingers:

Im sure bots grabbed most of them

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No Rex for me. I tried and failed. It’s ok. I have the normal reissue on preorder.

I did grab one each of the Pulse POTF2 Han and Luke though.