Star Wars The Mandalorian The Retro Collection Action Figures Wave 1 Case - Free Shipping

If you planned on getting any of the retro action figures for the Mandalorian, the Wave Case with all of them is the best to save money and get yourself some free shipping.

We’ve been discussing some of the other vintage figures at: Star Wars The Vintage Collection The Armorer 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure and Star Wars The Vintage Collection Moff Gideon 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure

But I’m digging these retro figures. I’m not big on action figures myself but these bring back memories of the original Kenner ones from the late 70s and early 80s for sure.

Star Wars The Retro Collection Action Figures Wave 1 Case

Star Wars The Retro Collection Action Figures Wave 1 Case

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One thing I do like is how the colors contrast And help features stand out more really detailed figures of today.

But I was wondering if these are going to be mass produced and in every Walmart and Target in the world.

I’d rather wait and make sure I get a flawless package in that case.

Never ordered from entertainment earth…do they package figures well, or toss them in a box loose.

Also, they’re coming out in May of 2021…long time to wait. My books I just sent in for pressing and grading will be back months before that…

I’ve ordered a Wave Box long ago. They arrived in great condition.

Everything I’ve ordered from them arrives in great shape.

I was going to post about this sometime this weekend. I am going to skip on these. I started picking up the new Star Wars figures last year after the Mandalorian show started. I am looking for anything from the The Vintage Collection for the most part.

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My original Star Wars figures ended up in a Playmobil Pirate ship filled with gasoline that was set adrift into the Atlantic Ocean for a Viking funeral…

That’s awesome.

I have purchased back the Playmobil Pirate ship back. But not the Star Wars figures.