Star Wars The Vintage Collection Razor Crest * Crowdfund Project

HasLab is back with another exciting new creation – the HasLab Star Wars : The Vintage Collection Razor Crest .

If this campaign is successfully backed, the offering will include:

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest vehicle
  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection 3.75-Inch The Mandalorian Figure in Beskar armor with a one-of-a-kind soft goods cape

This crowdfund project will run from September 25th, 2020 to 11:59pm ET on November 9th, 2020. If successful, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2021.

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Love the space water closet…

Half the pledges already in…45 days to go.

$350 is a little steep for me…I’ll stick to the LEGO version.


Yes. It is steep. But I caved in. If I collected LEGO I would have spent the $130 for that one. This will be the center piece of my Star Wars collection. I just started recently collection the figures again after the Mandalorian show began.

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I guess I missed out on the Mandalorian Black aeries 6 inch figures…at least Mando…never saw him at target…but with COVID didn’t venture out much either…now gotta pony up if I want it.

Too rich for my blood, but, that looks amazing. So detailed.

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They will be releasing the regular Black Series Mandalorian figure again. The new one in Full Beskar armor is really nice. That should be out soon.


The Target exclusive came out last year and then again early this year.

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Yeah, been eying that one too…

Entertainment Earth has this one up for pre-order as well currently:
Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Action FigureStar Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Action Figure

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They got the Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian (Beskar) Figure up as well at entertainment earth.

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Which reminds me, I need to order the damn thing myself… The Razor Crest went out of stock on pre-orders but is once again back in stock. :slight_smile:

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I bought/funded the Barge and absolutely loved it. Expensive? Sure…what isn’t these days. It was crafted well and had great little finishing touches.
I’ve been saving for a trip with the Mrs. But was given approval to back the Razor Crest lol.
Pic of my Barge and it’s denizens!


I bought 3 of those. Sold all 3 for double what I paid for. Kind of regretting it now…

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May have to ask for it for my birthday…comic sales have slowed lately…

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They met their goal of 6,000. So the project will move ahead.

6,345 Backers

Target 6,000

Wow, that was fast.

Not a surprise though…Mando is the best project Disney has going right now. Going to springboard future Star Wars TV, Movies and other genre through the atmosphere… Be prepared for Star Wars overload in the next few years.

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There are 11,370 Backers now. They unlocked a few incentives. First was an Escape pod add on. The second was Exclusive the Child figure with end-of-season-1 hover pram. The next one to be unlocked at 13,000 backers is 4 carbonite blocks (as seen in The Mandalorian Episode 1)

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It’s almost now worthy just to get “The Child” figure cause you know that’s gonna be sought after from collectors… $350 though… does Hasbro except LEGO VIP points? I might have to budge…

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I crumbled under pressure the first day, lol

As I recall, in the last two days of the Jabba barge, a few thousand were added to the total. Procrastinators (like me) will place orders at the very last minute. I wouldn’t be surprised if this hits 15k.

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Someone explain this to me. It’s like a Kickstarter but official, “Star Wars,” merch?

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