Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha Preview


I’ll be getting one because I love the cover homaging, “Marc Spector: Moon Knight,” #55.

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Do you like Moon Knight?

Like? Pfftt… he loves Moon Knight… he would Marry Moon Knight I think if he could… (I’m in the same situation)

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Looks good. I can’t wait.

One interesting thing to note here is that on the cover, Boba has his Return of the Jedi blue and red jetpack. Inside the preview, he still has his ESB green jetpack. It’s been my theory for a while now that we’ll see the origin of Boba’s new jetpack here. The Black Armor could be a stepping stone between the two.

Or the colorist ran out of the correct crayons and had to improvise… :wink:


Yeah, @agentpoyo and are big fans of Moon Knight!

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