Stargirl premieres (minor spoilers beware:)

Was pretty good for the 1st episode only thing I don’t like is it’s on CW and they didn’t use the CW actors who already played those characters but I can get over that. One quick spec from the pilot episode Showcase #55 1st Silver Age Solomon Grundy worth a spot in your collection. This would be his actual 5th appearance with 4 golden age appearances prior but the Silver Age Grundy is the character design we all know. Looks like Stargirl will cross paths with him this season and they did a great job on his design so I suspect some heat will come to Showcase #55. A little taste of next weekend specs.


Oh good. Picked up a copy a couple of years ago.

I liked the Solomon Grundy from Gothem.

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Legit gutted, one of the best comic book shows in my opinion and my current favorite super hero show and its canceled smh