Stealing Marvel’s Thunder?

Stealing Marvel’s Thunder?

With D23 this weekend do any of you think that WB/DC or Sony will make some surprise announcements to steal some of Disney’s Thunder? Sony already did a little of that with the whole Spider-man thing this past week. So, do you think any non Disney/Marvel announcements will be made or will the other Studios keep quiet?

I hope everyone takes a little something from Disney. Disney is just power and money hungry mad house.

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Mad house or mad Mouse! See what I did there?!?..anyway, I do agree with you that Disney has gotten too big for it’s britches. I have no idea if there are even monopoly laws in the US anymore…Not strict ones, that’s for sure.

There are anti monopoly laws but sadly they’re still far from it since there are many other companies doing the same thing they are. Still a lot of competition in the movie, news and everything else they do businesses.

Remember though, Disney might not be greedy per se… But their majority share holders are.

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Boy howdy, they are!

Sony just needs to use their own resources to pull talent/directors, etc away from Disney.
DC had no problem stepping up to the plate and snagging James Gunn when they got the opportunity.
Those are the types of moves Sony needs to get going.
They have what…something like 900 characters attached to the Spidey character. Get inventive…hire the right folks…make some great movies. Look how well Into the Spiderverse did. Keep those types of inventive, ground breaking trends going.

Well, that was rather easy since at the time he was fired… :wink:

Disney will own everything one day…just a matter of time. Slowly strategically assimilating what they need. Like China!

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Everyone will be forced to wear Mickey Mouse ears… as long as they give me my flying hoverchair, I’m cool with that…

but as “the hot” director and producer…DC still had play the game and ante up to get him. It’s not like Gunn had zero other opportunities when DC approached (Disney ain’t the only game in town)

What if at the time Sony said to him…hey, let’s talk some future exclusive Spiderman business??? along with a fat envelope of cash along with the correspondence.

D23 is an exclusive to Disney Con. No other studios have anything to do with it.

Yeah, that is very true but I was wondering if other studios would attempt to take some of the wind out of Disney’s sail by making big announcements for their own comic book movie/TV projects this weekend. Basically taking away some of the massive media attention Disney will surly get. If I was Sony or WB that is what I would do.

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I believe the original poster meant that just because D23 is a Disney Event, doesn’t mean any other studios can release big news/groundbreaking stuff via other media outlets, etc at the same time just to steal a bit of Disney’s thunder.

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I don’t know what value there is for s studio to make an effort to steal attention away from another studio…for spite?

If a studio is that insecure about their own products then they got bigger problems and should focus on fixing those before worrying what disney or any other studio is announcing…

It really comes down to free press/advertising…and of course rivalry. D3 has been advertised as a big media/entertainment event for months. If I was a major competitor of the Disney machine I would put an effort in to use some of that massive media presence against them… to show off what my studio would be using to compete. Stirs the pot sure, but also gets fans excited for what is to come.

I’m starting to feel Marvel killed their own thunder with the last Avengers movie now that I’ve watched it twice and tried digesting it over a couple weeks now. I’m now thinking it was the worst of the 4.

Captain America went to take the power stones back to the past but he didn’t have the cube or the scepter two of them came out of to return since they’d been broken.

He didn’t take Gamora back either.

Thanos and his troops were killed so they couldn’t have been around to create the events of the first 3 phases of movies.

It appears the end result is they’ve ended up creating a branching divergent timeline instead of actually fixing the original which Bruce promised the bald lady they wouldn’t do.

Is there something important here I’m missing? If it’s got me confused think how many other people may be. If you can bring Gamora from the past and leave her she’s not in the past to be in the first two Guardians movies and if that’s okay for her, why not go snatch a Black Widow and Iron Man at the same time? It feels like a very weak and convoluted story a straight line ending without the time travel could have avoided.

You’re now getting into that space time debate, just like all the timelines that don’t add up in Back to the Future. If Old Biff takes the Almanac to Young Biff in the past, but returns to the future to leave the time machine for Doc and Marty after getting Jennifer from Marty’s future house, Biff theoretically would have entered into a future where he was already rich, etc. The universe would have already exploded… so it’s just best to not think about the time travel bits and enjoy the movies… :wink:

Just remember, it is always just Rick Grimes dream. He’s still in the hospital. He’s always been in the hospital. He’s in one hell of an entertaining coma!

The Ancient One detailed how the timelines work. It was also established that if you go back and change the past, that that does not change the present. If/when they time traveled, the past that you would find yourself in is technically not the travelers ‘past’. It is the travelers new future. You can not change events that already happened, you can only create new futures. It is not technically time travel. It is dimension/timeline jumping. These establishmented ‘rules’ of the MCU time traveling should clear up some of your concerns, @BlondeStabby.

there are still problems if you want to look at mcu time travel as alternate realities/dimensions…old cap being the easiest example…if he went back to an alternate reality…how does he end up being old and having lived his life in the “main” one.

simply put it isn’t possible to make an entertaining movie that does time travel accurately. it would end up being so complicated that you’d probably have to watch it a ton of times just to understand 1/2 of it…and could probably still find flaws.

best to just go with bill and ted or back to the future…sure they’re not accurate (back to the future was off by 1 year for when the cubs would win the world series)…but they’re entertaining.