Stegman Cover for Darth Vader!

I’m a bit of a Stegman fan boy. He’s from my area and all.
He just posted this. Not sure what upcoming issue, but he said it’s the regular A cover, non variant.

I know it’s pretty simple but I personally love it. Something about the glow of the saber.


You’d probably like the incentive he did for dark ages #2

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Definitely and thanks for the recommendation!
There is a really small, low key comic con in my area at the end of October. Beautiful Northern Michigan on Lake Michigan. He will be there all weekend as he has family there and he loves the location.
It’s a struggle trying to narrow down books to have signed. I’m saving as I’d love to get a sketch from him.

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When I saw his name on this solicit, I was more excited about the prospects of more covers from him than this one in particular. Good news either way.

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Nice. Happy for this as well