STOCKX now sells graded comics

Looking at the link they posted they have Grade Filter 9.5 but no 9.8 :thinking:
They will have to make some updates prob in Beta for now

Grades aren’t displayed, lol what a scam

Grades are displayed. What are you talking about? The default screen shows you the lowest priced slab available. Click on a book and pick a grade. They’re all listed, but not all available for sale yet. You may not like StockX, but it’s not a scam. They’ve been selling graded cards for about a year now.

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I don’t know what this is supposed to be. People bashing Stockx w/out any facts?

Comments on their Twitter post about comics. I guess you could go and ask the people posting if they have facts or not.

StockX just another selling marketplace? Looks like they love selling shoes…

O I see you have to click the drop down and go to the grades for what they have assigned. A lot of books I keep getting errors on when clicking

Honestly never heard of them. I can’t say they are a scam but looking around you can see a ton of people who felt scammed by them. Truspilot has over 11,000 reviews from people. 35% of them are terrible reviews from very angry people.

i resold shoes for a few years, sold like 50-70k worth through stockx never had a problem

Just curious reselling sneakers vs comics which one did you feel you have more of an edge?

I know buying bots killed any edge for sneaker resellers.

yea the bots and lotteries killed the sneaker game, plus when they started to mass produce yeezys that market died. comics arent about bots, its about putting in the time to do your research

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OK thank you.
Unless you have to compete with bots for hot store variants or Comic Mint buying up all copies :wink:
Agreed on doing your own research and homework and not following blindly apps and videos.


9.4 of 2nd deadpool sold for $110

Aka the 1st appearance of Weapon X, Garrison Kane. :man_shrugging: