Stop posting articles about foc books before foc

for the love of god, just post the articles on monday night at like 11:30 or midnight. you will still get all of your clicks but you dont increase the print runs. in the last 3-4 weeks multiple books have had print runs over inflated because of moron youtubers and these articles. for example…

Killing The Children” #2 increased 70% at foc going from 14,204 units to 24,258

Hellmouth #1 Foil Cover Increases 300% at foc, initial orders of under 1000 units to now nearly 3000 units

Bro, blame Bleeding Cool on that. One thing Rich didnt pump was the 2nd print to Hellmouth #1. The cover hasnt been released yet . Seems under-the-radar. From Diamond, "(NOTE: Fast tracked second printing! Quantities limited. Allocations may occur.) " Boom always plans ahead and sets print runs for 2nd prints before the 1st print comes out. It’s usually a low number and allocations do happen. There’s even a 3rd print already planned.

im not blaming one group solely , but the articles here do add to the problem. releasing a foc article here 1 min after foc closes would still give people here time to order there books before its sold out without increasing the print runs. it a win/win for everyone.

it isn’t a win for everyone…local comic shops will often not order very many indie titles, and the publishers/artists/writers won’t be winning if they sell less copies.

win/win is more than just “you and me”…all parties involved need to win, not just a few.

wrong, when a book sells out they do 2nd printings. the stores will simply order those for people who want a copy. which helps the writers and artist you talk of. but the 1st prints are left without jacked up print runs.

I love FOC. I get to order the book that I might of forgotten to get when I turned in previews and I get it at cover price instead of paying inflated eBay prices. And I only correct 1st prints and cover A. Unless there is another cover that catches my attention.

If the book is truly in demand, 24,000 copies is peanuts. There are a lot of books with much higher print runs than 24,000, that still command good value, because there is true demand. :man_shrugging:

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Books don’t go to second print because they sell out. They go to second print because of the demand. Before FOC they can print any quantity of the comic.

And the FOC was still selling for $15 on average and my local shops didn’t even get them.

You claim a win/ win … but i dont see Publishers or Retailers winning in this scenario of yours. If a retailer has to order after the FOC deadline then they pay an extra price. and after all the discounts then that book just isnt worth selling anymore because they are more then likely loosing money. A publisher or artist might see those low sales and have the book canceled. where is the spec in a canceled book that didnt sell copys?

I understand your argument. But what it truly boils down to is Your mad that instead of $20+ your only making $15 on those new hot books. The funny thing is your Selling to the FOMO Speculators who didnt have this information because they read Facebook instead of sites like this. Thats where the true disservice is. all these fake ass groups who “Claim” to have spec or be speculation groups but realy dont do anything at all to contribute to the community other than to say " we have this many members"

All you see in those groups is people asking about this Key or that Key and ooo look at this deal or ooo look at this movie announcment.

True speculation hasnt been around for quiet awhile. and no one seems to miss it or even understand that its gone. Why? because of greedy bastards both in the speculation community and retailers playing the secondary market. Now you have subsets of this group playing to this as well. Case in point is this whole LCSD BS. These are just store variants dressed up under some fancy name with a fancy organization . But guess what, they still have to buy these comics from the publishers and still have to get it out there to the retailers.

im starting to go off rail here. So im gonna bring it back in and ask you a question. IF you knew about a book that was being speculated on in the community, and had solid information that the issue was a dud. Would you let others loose money on that and stay silent or would you post it to the community so they would have that information themselves and make their own call ?

We don’t even need to debate this subject… the simple answer is:

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Looking at the stats the FOC post was read 672 times and not one click through came from it. The $1 variant post generated 712 views and 632 click through it. In other words, no one ordered anything off the Foc post and a majority of the readers liked the cheap variants post and ordered something. Kinda shoots the inflated print run argument down the tubes.

If you would like to provide articles for the site that do not have FOC related topics, please do so. I can say while we may add to some of the print run, there are sites that pre-sell only foc books, send out emails on what books are coming out on foc, clearly showcase foc books on the list, and that is not even getting into all the Facebook groups that post the full lists.

Which book are you most worried about? Clearly it wasn’t any of the facsimile editions I have listed. Or any of the Pox/HOX books with big print runs people were already ordering.

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