Store Variants Are Killing The Children


Store variants are killing my wallet…

Not really, actually. First appearances and reprints (first cover) are killing my wallet.

Hmmm where have I heard this title before :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Once the store variants start flooding the market, the spec is over for the series. Immortal Hulk was a great example of this.


The spec is over for the series? Do you mean spec is over for later issues of the series ? I am not sure how the spec value of early issues, of what is a VERY popular series, is dead because of later issue variants. :man_shrugging:

im not so sure its over. While i do agree that store variants increase the incentive print run, i do think cvr A of these issues will see an increase , especially with the later printings.

Issues 1 thru 10 should see steady increases as popularity and news hits. We are all waiting for Tynion to say its been optioned .

While prices arr going to keep going up, i predict a spike in early January (if no news comes sooner) only due to political reasons.

I think store variants will continue as there is a market for them. Published print runs and good art are going to sell these. In terms of gaining value? Flash in the pan as they say. I dont expect any to hold value long term. As the folks on CHU continue to say “buy what you love, sell what you like”.

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It’s a really nice cover. I don’t think we need to have round 72 of “should we be buying store variants.”

Yep, completely agree. I am still aggressively purchasing the first couple issues (first prints) whenever someone gets a little antsy or needs some cash. Late issue store exclusives? I dont buy them, so I really dont have an opinion on spec value.

I think the early issues are where all the value is. Stores see that the book is hot and want to do variants for random issues. Unless the art is great I cannot see a reason to buy the store variants.

Even the reprints aren’t hitting like they used to. I was selling the hell out of the early reprints and now they are heavily ordered (more so than they were) I can’t see them being of much value either.