Strange Academy #3

Cover A

Cover B Character Variant

Alex Ross Cover

Variant cover by Ryan Ottley didnt say if was ratio or regular variant. I like it.

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I believe the Ottley is a ratio. But the rest you can still find at TFAW.

Thanks Poyo I knew u would lead us to the water. Cause it didnt show up when I googled it.

Heh, I’m not 100% though… I’m still on my first cup of coffee for the morning so I can’t take full responsibility until I’m on my second cup.

Ottley variant is a 1:25

alex ross cover also has a 1:100 sketch variant

Black cover A will be hard to find in mint but well worth the purchase. New characters can show up in any of these early issues. Grab em all if you can.

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Yeah definitely new characters probably up till issue 10

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