Streaming recommendations

Looking for some streaming recommendations. Curious about what others are watching.

I just finished paper girls and currently watching the latest Boys episodes.
Anyone have any good sci fi recommendations?

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Raised by Wolves first season was good. Heard the second got a little weird and then it got canceled… but I think first season can kind of stand on it’s own.


Resident Alien is hilarious and great, one of my current favorites on SyFy.


I’m a sucker for documentaries and one I keep coming back to is Sons of Sam. Truly takes that infamous case to another level.

A good 1 season sci-fi show is Nightflyers on Netflix. Really nice mysterious atmosphere, it’s about a crew going into space to make first contact with an alien and the shenanigans that happen on the voyage in space.

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HBO Max has all 6 of the Lone Wolf and Cub movies.

LOVED Severance on Apple+

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If you have Peacock and like silly reality television shows then the latest season of, “Love Island,” that has been going on is a treat. New episodes almost daily as it is happening kinda-sorta, “Real-time,” and you can vote via an app on stuff in the show.

Everyone here is loving the Predator prequel, “Prey,” and I need to watch it still for sure.

Should you have Discovery+ I can tell you about all kinds of trashy reality shows. You could start going down the, “90 Day Fiance,” rabbit hole of shows.

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I just streamed Trainwreck Woodstock 99 and DB Cooper on Netflix. Have been watching a lot of documentaries and true crime shows.


Netflix has ‘Love Death +Robots’. 3 seasons of short animated sci-fi stories. There are a lot of good episodes. I recommend checking it out.

The Sandman show on Netflix is very good as well!


The wife and I have recently been watching:

  • Ozark (finished it, loved it);
  • Only Murders In The Building;
  • Loot
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We enjoy the newest season of American Horror Stories on Hulu. Quick, easy, campy horror tales.

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