Sudden Surge in Blue Marvel Interest?

Alright, I don’t follow all the social media sites so I maybe missed something and wanted to ask a question. Is there a sudden new surge in interest for, “Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel,” #1? I had that CGC 9.8 I managed to get and sell to someone a while ago. I actually met them in person as they lived just a couple of hours away and drove out here to see a friend and make the deal with me. I marked the posts I had made about it on Reddit and other sites and such as sold, but keep getting messages and emails these past couple of days from people asking if I possibly still had it. I was lucky to get the full run for a killer price, sell the other issues to almost break even, and then sell the #1 to make a profit after I got it graded. Now, though, everyone wants it even more. Did I miss a Youtube show talking about it?

People thought he was gonna be in wanda vision as the engineer friend. Now people think he might show up in captain marvel 2 aka the Marvels

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Yeah, he wasn’t in, “Wandavision,” but the rumor he would be is what made me seek the comics out and find the great price.

It’s because there is spec and rumors that the team from The Ultimates #1 is being formed.


@davidbitterbaum [quote=“BatmanFan, post:4, topic:4020”]
It’s because there is spec and rumors that the team from The Ultimates #1 is being formed

I forget what “influencer” said it but that’s the theory as of the past 3-4 days.

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It crazy to me what you got for that book.

I heard it a week or two back. I don’t care either way. Most of these books are way out of my price range anyways, and they’re only fetching those priced because of pump and dump turds out there on social media I’m just collecting what I love and if something spikes in value than sobeit. This hobby is about one fight at an LCS (see Target as an example) away from being as corrupt and cutthroat as sports cards.

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