Super 7 GI. Joe Ultimates figures

Damn it!!! I don’t need this right now! The frickin’ Classified Line is already eating up my money.

Why did I have to be a child of the 80’s???

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They look great but that $55 is a killer for me since I’m doin classified already. $30? I’d give it a go for a few of em. I did super 7 for the Thundercats because ther is no other option.

I don’t understand Super7 sometimes. Or the toy market generally. If one toy company has a 6 inch GI joe, what makes the other company think they can sell a 7 inch GI joe for 190%ish the price of the 6 inch?

That’s the debate going on in the Toy groups now. Not as articulated as Hasbros and its cartoon versions so that’s how they skate around it.

7 inches is way better than 6 inches… Trust me… :wink: