Super Bowl Predictions/commercial Thread

Not too many ads have really been amazing. The one with Matthew McConaughey where he eats the chips to become 3D was kind of cool.

So, regarding Paramount+, what happens when all these streaming services jump to the next big thing? Disney++? Multiplication? Paramount x?

Maybe these will heat up lol! :joy:


“Heat up!?” They’re already like $50-60

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@drunkwooky I meant more than it has. Ive shared that pic, my comic with so many fans who had zero idea it existed.

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I didn’t know it existed. Now I want one.

“To the LCS”

The half time performers with jock straps on their heads sort of reminds me of this fella.

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Welp. The game was awesome. The commercials sucked.


Who won?

Damn thought we were at least gonna get a Venom 2 trailer but nope. Rip

All of us won… all of us…but mostly Tampa.

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Tampa destroyed Kansas City.

Thanks guys.

Predictions for the game ? Im hoping for the Eagles to win

Don’t really care, but thinking Eagles D will disrupt a hobbled Mahomes is most likely.

But two weeks off can do wonders for an injury you’ve been able to play through.

Should be a good game. Not sure how much I’ll watch though.

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I hear Flash trailer. Hopefully it is good

Flye Eagles Fly…


I can’t say I agree. I cannot stand many (not all) Eagles/Flyers/Phillies fans (family included)

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The Flash trailer



Oh, so they boo’d and threw snowballs at Santa. Big deal.