Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

I really hate that DC has made Supergirl petty and jealous and have feelings of inferiority. Now, Tom King is writing a Supergirl mini-series. Krypto was dead in Future State Kara Zor-El Superwoman.
If King kills Krypto, I’ll never buy another DC comic.
Rant over.

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I think that’s valid. At least she had a redemption arc in that Future State book. She ended up moving on from her resentment by teaching that mystic space bayou crystal dragon girl how to forgive her grudges.

I agree, I really dislike the jealous cousin take on Kara. It makes her seem small and narrow, and just a bit unlikeable. Given how caring and supportive Kal always seems to be towards her, it also seems odd. Let’s hope King releases her from those shackles and gives us a Supergirl that flies (if you forgive the pun).

And NOBODY gets to kill Krypto. Grrrrrrr…

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Another thing that has me scratching my head is her origin. If the DCU is now the pre-Crisis DCU, shouldn’t her pre-Crisis origin be in place and her bitterness and jealousy be negated?

Editors… who needs 'em? WE DO!

Good point. To be honest I am still getting my head around this ‘omniverse’ idea, where everything happened (pre and post crisis). I am no longer sure of anyone’s origins anymore!

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And THAT’S why everything can’t just happen. The first time I heard that I said “nope! Nope! Nope! You can’t just have contradictory storylines all exist at once. Nope!”

Many an attempt has been made to explain it both in and out of comics, but nope. It’s not an interesting way of building a universe. Just confusing.

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It’s a sign of lazy writing devoid of creativity.

What I wanna know is when tf is DC gonna use Power Girl again

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Does anyone currently at DC even know about Power Girl?

The one with the b3wb$ right?!

That’s her!