Superman CW Teaser Trailer

Dust off them John Kent books :money_mouth_face:

Superman’s other son is Joel Kent who also has a sister Kara they first appear in Superman Batman Generations #2 and #3 full for Kara and cameo for Joel in #2 and full for Joel in #3 both are also adults in #3.

Summer’s here. Figure I’d catch up on some tv shows, new & old. Heard good things about Superman & Lois. Just started watching episode 1 and WOW ! It blows my mind that CW can produce a cinema-quality show. Story is good and the VFX are impressive.


It’s actually not that bad.
I have watched half season and I get dirty looks from people when I tell them to watch this CW show :grinning:

If they did Naomi show like this one those #1’s might have value.
We shall see.

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