Superman Lives In Illinois

the hometown of SuperMan is in my home state of Illinois


If you ever find yourself in southern Illinois metropolis is a nice little detour … a comic fan’s mecca so to speak , It’s a place where heroes & history meet on the shores of the mighty Ohio river . an all - american town that’s a must for any & all superman fans . have your pic taken with the giant superman statue (15 ft. tall & 4000k lbs of bronze muscle ) standing proudly in front of the courthouse . visit the " super " museum - which is home to one of the largest superman collections in the world featuring artifacts from various superman movies & tv shows like publicity photos , costumes & props along with a larger than life doomsday & superman toys that will take you back to your childhood .

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in 1972 , National Periodicals ( D.C. COMICS) officially proclaimed Metropolis , IL the " adopted " hometown of SuperMan :+1:

also , metropolis draws thousands of people to it’s yearly SuperMan celebration . for info on this " SUPER" ( pun intended :upside_down_face: ) event visit

Let’s be honest … This would’ve been cool if plans for it was seen through fruition

We’ve traveled through Metropolis before when heading back to Saint Louis from other trips. Nice town with a cool little Superman Museum.