I’m a big fan of using top loaders for comics, but prices went bonkers these past couple years. Most on Amazon are $30-45 for a 10-pack or closer to $60 for a 20-pack. But, I found a great listing on Amazon last week for 20 Cardboard Gold Current Comic Book Top Loader Archival Safe. $35 for 20. Quality seems fine. Fast shipping.


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I bought 100 of those my only complaint is they are a little wide for the bcw plastic boxes they fit just not how I like them to sit so I moved them into a magazine box

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I’ve kept mine in a plastic BCW graded short box, as they are a little too tight for standard short boxes.

Also, these are listed as modern. But, my preferred combo of supplies (BCW resealable silver bags + Southern Hobby silver boards) fit these top loaders PERFECTLY. Modern bags/boards used in these modern top loaders slide around too much.

I am running low on modern bags and boards. Is Matts still the cheapest to purchase the same online or are there other options ? Thanks !

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