Survey from Marvel

So I got a survey from Marvel Comics about some things they might be doing in the future. I actually can’t discuss what was in the survey but I think what they are looking at doing is pretty cool and would be a good value for what they are talking about

I was really just wondering if anyone else here got the survey? And if you did what you thought about it(without going into specifics)?

Not me but I would love to do it.

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I’d love to see that survey :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I got it. But I can’t talk about it! LOL


Are you guys retailers or do you subscribe to something from marvel?

I think it’s a randomly selected list from Marvel Insider users

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Not a retailer

It’s anyone who was likely a Marvel Insider (you have Marvel account and accumulate points or already subscribe to Marvel Unlimited). Yes, I got the survey. No, I won’t talk about it… but yes, I liked a lot of their ideas I hope they start doing.

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Can anyone sort of explain why this survey is so hush-hush? Discussing publicly puts you in potential legal hot water?

I haven’t read it but I assume they make you sign a non disclosure agreement (NDA) which makes you liable etc. etc. if you don’t sign, you can’t see it.

It’s just products and services they may or may not do and asked that you will not share or talk publicly about them. So yeah, more than likely if you are caught mentioning it, they come after you. I’ll avoid such things by not talking about them. :wink:

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Before you can take the survey you agree to not talk about it publicly. Nothing legal would happen if you did, we could all just spill the beans in here if we wanted. However I was in some exclusive thing with Sony several years ago and you would get beta discs in the mail and surveys and you agreed not to talk about it publicly or sell the discs. Well I did talk about it on my Facebook and I did sell a disc on eBay and got banned from taking part in any surveys or programs like that ever again. I won’t be doing that again lol