Swamp Thing Flea Market Luck!

I had some great luck today at a local flea market! A vendor was selling comics for $3 each. They had a big run of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, of which I own the entire run excluding #37 (first Constantine) of course. After finding #21 I starting thinking “Could they possibly?” - And they did! #37 for $3! Unfortunately while the other issues are in really nice shape, #37 is pretty much a reader only copy and not a collectors piece condition wise. But I’m just happy to finally own a copy! The other three I’ll resell as I already own them. (#21 is first “official” Alan Moore issue; #50 and Annual #2 is first early Justice League Dark.)



Nice. I finally took my family out and spent about $55 on some books. I’ll post some pictures later and see what you guys think lol.


Here is what I picked up.



Nice! Especially the ASM #259 and Chamber of Darkness!

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Wow awesome!! You should sell them all, including 37, and put that towards a copy you’d be happier to own. Keep it, sell it, either way that’s a big big win, congrats!