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Odd… Just saw a commercial for Swamp Thing on AMC…

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AMC? Does that mean it’s already been leased outside of the DC streaming service? That is odd. This could be more along the lines of what @Uncle_Willie was commenting earlier… The plot thickens… :thinking:

AMC would be a good fit … I still think DC needs to sit down at the table with Netflix …

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Not for AMC but on AMC. It was a commercial that was promoting the streaming show for DC Universe that’s on Roku, etc.

Probably an already paid for ad they just haven’t removed yet. It just find it odd I haven’t seen any commercials for it until after I’ve read the news that it’s canceled.

Yeah, if they make better looking shows like Swamp Thing, could be successful. For the strange shows that don’t fit on the CW (like Swamp Thing), Netflix could expand their viewer base for their characters.

Oh gotcha, I misunderstood… :+1:

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Heh, sorry, I guess one could read that wrong in how I said it. I guess it’s like those Memorial Day sales that are aired days after Memoral Day is already over. They paid for the slots, might as well let them continue to air. :slight_smile:

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No worries man. Makes sense, it’s all good publicity/exposure for the series either way. Even all this chatter is good for the character I suppose…

Yeah, I enjoyed pretty much all the MCU material on Netflix, which was produced without the constraints of Network TV … Punisher, Jessica Jones, etc … I was sad when Disney pulled the plug … I’d love to see a Netflix treatment of ::

100 Bullets / Brian Azzarello / Eduardo Risso
Transmetropolitan / Warren Ellis / Darick Robertson
The Invisibles / Grant Morrison
Y: The Last Man / Brian K. Vaughan / Pia Guerra

and most especially Fables / Bill Willingham

I could name more, but these are my top five … :vulcan_salute:

I don’t understand why it costs so much to make Swampthing. They could of made it in my back yard for free I would even write it for free.