Swampthing coming to CW


The first season will reair on CW, no new season announced yet but it was hinted.


CW needs content. If they cant produce new content, they will buy up existing ones. Also take note, all of these shows will be edited due to content and time. Dont expect new seasons. Swamp Thing was expensive to produce. Cant see CW forking over that kind of money that WB gave to DCUNIVERSE.


Is there a premier date … ??


You lost me at The CW. I’ve given most of the shows a chance and the only decent one was Legends of Tomorrow. I’ll give this a shot but I’m not at all optimistic. The most recent series was decent but still better than most of The CWs Comic Shows.


I believe the show was produced and streamed over the DC Universe platform … the CW later picked it up …


Yeah I bought it when it came out on DVD. It was good but not great.

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