Sweet Tooth Trailer

The trailer for Sweet Tooth just released. Looks good. Show releases June 4th on Netflix. I liked the comic. I can’t see Robert Downey Jr and his wife putting out a crappy product.

I’m not good at links or I’d provide one to the trailer.


Here you go @Devildog


@FOMOComics Thank you my friend!!!

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Anyone familiar with key issues in this book? This is on my ‘to read’ list. Obviously #1 is the 1st Gus. Although, there is issue 16 of the House of Mystery from that time that I also know of that is touted as the 1st appearance too.

Looks fantastic. I never read it and made me instantly regret. It reading it.

Click Sweet Tooth Deluxe Ed HC Book 01 to order and start reading… it’s never too late! :wink:

Do you get paid for the click or do I need to buy it?

If you click and then buy, we’d get commissions. But I was just having fun with @Anthony in trying to get him to click and buy so he pays himself in a sense… :wink:

I’ve actually been meaning to read this as well, being a Lemire fan. This was out before I got back into comics and I have yet to read. Maybe I’ll be buying that HC as well as I’m not gonna seek out the back issues now…

One thing that makes me happy about this announcement/the trailer/show in general.
It gives me hope that we really see more and more end products pumped out with regards to the stuff we love. I’ve gotten tired of the constant barrage of “optioned” stuff much as the rest of you.

With this show, and a property I like, while I knew it had been optioned, was in the works, and had a strong support system behind it, I honestly was surprised to suddenly see a trailer and very soon to be release date. They weren’t messing around here.

May be a good sign of things to come. Once the film industry gets back to business with productions, etc…should be in a for a heck of a fun ride.

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And if you like Sweet Tooth first HC, you can buy the second one too… Sweet Tooth Deluxe Ed HC Book 02 :slight_smile:

I like most things Will Forte is in. I hope his role is big. Check out a SNL skit called ‘Fly High Duluth’. He is insane in that one.

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Really impressed with the quality of the Netflix super hero shows. Looking forward to it


This looks really good.

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Started watching this and for some reason I’m not buying Will Forte dying from the virus


Wasn’t he The Last Man on Earth?


Finished the show last night. Really enjoyed it a lot. Started reading the issues and I’m not liking it so far. I’m 10 issues in and just not feeling it. Thinking it’s more to do with the Lemire art

I really like Lemire’s art.

I like Lemire’s art too! We all have different tastes, however.

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