Swing & a Miss! What comics did you "Not"Get?

Well, we love sharing our incredible finds…but what about the heartbreaking losses or failures?

Let’s share our misery.

Here’s my recent sob story:
Because of my 501st, Stormtrooper costuming, I’m typically at numerous comic shops helping on Free comic book day. The problem is I can’t really hunt very well, get to places first thing, move quickly, etc.
So yesterday a shop I was at had placed about 20 short boxes of old stock which was almost all “alternate covers”. I tried to look but just couldn’t.
It’s not like I’m a paid performer but certainly I’m not going to avoid kids & parents, photos & conversations over digging as that isn’t why I’m there.
Anyway…I tried to go in order with those boxes as I could but hadn’t made it to the end boxes (U,V,X,Y,Z)…but ultimately watched as a fellow pull out that incredible X-Force Underworld Homage variant & all the Zatanna 1:10 ratio variants by Bolland.
This grown man wanted to cry. :grin:
I’ve wanted all those books for quite sometime now too.
They were all priced at $15 apiece as well (with a sale on top of that). Oh the agony lol.

I didn’t get a few nice books and finds which I’ll share so in the grand scheme of life I’ll be fine.

So…let me hear your sob stories.


Local comic shop, circa mid-late 80s
Two books on the wall I’m looking at.
Thundercats #1 for $10
Silver Surfer #4 (60’s series) for $20

Like a true incompetent, novice collector I chose Thundercats #1.
Not that it’s a bad book, but it just doesn’t compare.

Comic Buyers Guide ad for a Frank Miller Dark Knight page with Batman and the Joker
I passed because I couldn’t justify that much money in the late 80’s for a (in my words at the time) dumb piece of artwork when all these comic books are out there to be bought and read.

Suffice to say I could probably retire on that page alone right now.


@Devildog Im shocked that store still had those books in stock…

I regret not buying any Dave Stevens covers in the past… :sob:


My LCS has no dollar bins and the back issue selection is really small with mostly unwanted stuff from the mid 20teens to present. So, any book that gets hot that you all find for cheap and flip I will never ever find at my LCS. Therefore, every week of my life I can contribute to this topic thread.

The owner had pulled these boxes off the floor prior to COVID and had the intention of going through them, but said he just didn’t have the time or energy to mess with them anymore so figured he’d just put them back out.

@monopolyjackson To make it worse the owner (who I know well and is good to me) was like “I’m so sorry”… I’ve been crazy & didn’t even think or would have given you first crack at them. :sob:

This is a few I did find in the vein of the ones I missed.
Which clearly give you an idea of when they were likely priced lol.


Ah, to go back in time to when prices were…reasonable.



I wish we could go back 10 years on art prices, let alone 35-40 years.


Not so much a sob story … but was just thinking about this the other day. I had bought Geiger 1st run … great series … bought a ton of all covers for #1. Then that 80-pager Geiger came out … with all those first appearances. I said …. Naw …. Don’t want it. Now I wish I had bought some.


I don’t remember when, but it was less than 10 years ago. I was looking through some longboxes at this shop and found a Omega Men #3 for around $20, and for some reason I did not have much cash and I did not want to use my card, so I said I’ll come back when I get off work and get it. What do you think I found a couple hours later…NOTHING. That still makes me mad when I think about it, but then I just remind myself about that B A #12 that I found last year for .99 cents and I don’t feel so bad.


All of these Dave Stevens covers that are selling for a mint. Time after time I told myself to buy some. I mean, I told myself this a LOT … and didn’t. I wanted the Planet Comics cover because I have the Adam Hughes Dirty Pair homage cover to it and didn’t pull the trigger when I saw a good looking copy for $40.

The only Dave Stevens comic I have is the Jonny Quest #5 and found that for $1 sometime ago.


Wow. I am so dumb. Two weeks ago when Spider Woman 7 came out I went to my LCS and all they had were 3 of the Momoko variant left. I thought, well, this violates two of the rules of spec. It’s not cover A and it does not feature any of the new characters on the cover. I passed on them. Looking at eBay, that was not wise.