SWORD - any buzz?

Tomorrow is FOC for SWORD #1. Any buzz around this title? Feels like the MCU is headed well into SWORD territory, but this cast is decidedly X-Men heavy.

Abigail Brand
Fabian Cortez
Wiz Kid

Any firsts? Seemed to sneak up on FOC, as I haven’t heard much about it.


Wondered the same…getting my FOC list ready and was iffy on if U should get this book.

I’m reading all the X-books currently cuz I am a Hickman fan and this is the first time the X-Men have interested me since Morrison’s run (and Whedon’s was decent, to be fair). For that reason I picked it up.


I’ve had it on my list at my LCS for a while. It’s the confluence of space stories, Ewing (I enjoyed both Empyre and his GotG so far), and X-Men that has me keen on it as a reading title, at minimum.

I was curious about this book as well. It doesn’t look like any first appearances from what I could tell but I ordered a couple copies just in case.