Symbiote Spider-Man #5 1:25 Diamond SNAFU

I don’t have pics at the moment, but I’m seeing reports that the 1:25 for Symbiote Spiderman originally presented (which was a pretty nice looking homage cover to ASM #50) was incorrect and ultimately replaced with a different book that (imo) looks like complete garbage.

Going to be some mighty unhappy folks.

I almost bought it for $13 but passed for a empire #3 secret variant and Ironman 2020 1:25. There sure are a ton of books that say symbiote Spider-Man now, wonder how many it will take to change peoples minds on what’s first Venom.

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This is an interesting topic actually. I would like to hear peoples thoughts on it.

I’ve seen quite a few online retailers/FB dealers post about this and pretty much say “Out of our control…you get this replacement 1:25 versus the one you ordered. It’s still a 1:25 so what’s the difference”.

Sorry, but that is nonsense. It’s a shame it happened, and quite frankly, heads should roll at both Diamond and Marvel over it. How does something like that go unnoticed?

If I pay for a 1:25, it is because I like the art, artist, or something specific about that book. There are 1:25s for days that I wouldn’t pay cover price for.

If I ordered that, via online retailer, ebay, whatever…that’s an immediate paypal “Not as described” refund…whether the retailer likes it or not if they gave me that “out of our control” pushback.

Am I seeing this wrong? It’s a bad scenario…but ultimately one that the retailer needs to take up with Diamond and Marvel…it’s their fault and not one that the end buyer should bite the bullet on.


Imagine if it was the Death Metal Legends variant you thought you were getting first Robin King cover instead you get Booster Gold, people would burn comic shops down lol


If I ran a shop, I would honor anyone who wants to back out. That’s just good customer service. I would take my gripe to Diamond and Marvel for their hiccup that cost me… and ask them what they plan to do to fix now or in the future.

Holding a customer liable to follow through with their purchase based on wrong info is just bad business. Any shop that does this should be ashamed of themselves. Any shop that does this doesn’t get my business. And if I got stuck paying for something that arrived differently, well, you let the credit card handle it as I’m sure they’ll side with you every time, particularly when ratio variants are usually purchases based on the cover art.


actual cover…

Whats wierd…Diamond has this new cover listed as the actual cover. I wonder when they changed the image.

Just got my refund for the 2 I had ordered from a small eBay seller. No issues, they clearly understood it was the right thing to do.


What you don’t like the Spidey dildohands cover😂


Now I can’t unsee that…

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I understand why you get the advertising you do. Ha.

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