Tank Girl Reboot


Margot Robbie will be playing Tank Girl in the newly announced upcoming Reboot. If it does well you can bet on a trilogy. Tank Girl #1 and Deadline #1 will blow up to insane prices. It took me four years of searching to ever find a copy of Deadline #1 1988 even listed for sale. I eventually found one on EBayUK after the long search. Hold em if you got em.


Change the deadline link to search all it won’t come up under 1992- Modern its 1988.


Done. Thanks and yeah, forgot when I make edits it locks the post. Figured most would want links to current listings. :slight_smile:


Do you have an idea of Tank Girl #1 (dark horse) print run is, @Alana? Im not able to check Comichron atm.


Based on books print runs from Dark Horse in the early 90s I would guess 3000-8000copies, no real information exists as far as I know. Deadline magazine #1 being a new alternative magazine from the late 80s only available in the UK, can’t imagine more then a few hundred in existence. There’s also a early Tank Girl appearance in a poster in something called Atomtam #2 but I’ve never seen one for sale or seen the magazine in any capacity not even pictures to know what the cover looks like it’s self published and probably less than 50 copies produced and even fewer still exist.

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A new Tank Girl movie can’t be any worst than what has come before…


I had a communications teacher in high school, I was a sophmore. Anyways he told us about how he was in Tank Girl and some other movies like Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure and he showed us a video of the times he was an EXTRA … eh he showed us the seen in Tank Girl… wooptidoo… still haven’t seen the entire movie, nor am i interested.

Here is the an article I found on the teach, https://keolamagazine.com/people/leo-sears/


*scene… it’s late… I havent slept. G’nite

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