Teen Titans Go! #23 Red X!

Hey everyone, if you have a copy of Teen Titans Go! #23, dig it out. I have one listed on ebay and when I uploaded the listing Sunday, the starting bid was $4.99. It’s currently at $198!
Yikes! I had no idea!
Here’s the item number if you want to take a look…

Yeah I sold mine at $150, probably should’ve held onto it longer

Mines listed at $500

Not a bad ROI…

Good luck! I hope you get it!

I’m sending my second copy to CBCS tomorrow for two day grading. I hope I get it back in time to list it Sunday.

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That’s going to help your auction on it’s last day lol

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It baffles the mind of what sellers put in their listing titles…

This one is just ridiculous. Looks like an 8th grader listed it.

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OH MY! My ungraded copy just closed at $360!

$28 shipping?

Pfftttt…I’m out.

That’s probably about right if they’re including the extra insurance.