Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (3rd print)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. 1985. 3rd print. Please refer to the pictures.

Has a few spine ticks. Would benefit from a press. Will be shipped in a comic mailer.

Will be shipped USPS Priority. Insurance and signature confirmation included.


Asking $800. Shipping will be $15.

Here are additional pictures:

Best price for this? ship to Canada? Thx

Best price for who? The seller or the buyer? Best price for the seller is asking price. Best price for the buyer is free.

The potential interested buyer is posing the question of whats his bottom dollar price… This is a common tactic when buying and selling. Let the seller handle the question perhaps unless you are also interested.

Also I’d say any actual negotiations should be taken to PM.

I’m quite aware of what is being asked. My comment was made with tongue in cheek.

Let me ask you then, if you were talking with a retailer about negotiating a price of a comic on the wall and some customer walked up and said the same thing after you asked, how would you feel about it?

I get the feeling the interested buyer knows the actual best price for each (the buyer and seller) and didn’t really need anyone butting into the negotiations with tongue and cheek remarks… :wink:

I wouldn’t ask that question. So…in all honesty, I’d laugh if I was in your proposed scenario. This is comic books we are talking about. I was just having a little innocent fun. Comics are supposed to be fun.
PS. I did enquire about this book when it was first posted here, via PM.
That is that. Cheers to all. :beers:

But others may and can ask if they want. You do you, let others do themselves. If a seller uses the word “asking”, and doesn’t use the word “firm”, to me that’s fair game to ask them what’s their own “best price” to see how low they’re willing to go to kick off the negotiations.

I guess what I’m trying to imply is, the For Sale category is not really intended for the casual banter talk. If someone is asking a question to the seller here, there’s really no reason to butt your way into the conversation with tongue and cheek remarks. Let the seller respond instead.


So, my suggestion is actually say such things. I even took your response as more serious (and I could see the other party being offended in a sense) since emotions cannot be read with just text unless one adds a winky or smiley at the end.

Okay, let’s not hijack this for sale any longer. Take it offline at this point if you have issues.

My CHU profile clearly states that I am a habitual line stepper. No regrets!!! :wink:

haha I don’t know what I started … guess pm would have been more appropriate. And yes, the asking 800 had me wondering. All good no villans here