Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #96 must be a bust

Mycomicshop is selling regulars at cover and the incentive for 10. Normally they don”t list incentives until Wednesday. I feel sorry for all who payed a lot. If it is there are going to be a lot of e-bay buyers livid because that site is littered with sellers claiming such.

There isn’t much about Jennika in the story. She’s there for a few pages, but she doesn’t get weapons or a bandana. So, it’s a full appearance of a female turtle, but not as an actual NINJA female turtle. The story was a bust in my opinion. I’m thinking #97 will be the big one since there are some nice retailer variants and Eastman’s cover featuring Jennika with a bandana and weapons. I bought several copies of #96 and preordered several of #97, but #96 was lackluster.

I guess their going to milk it for everything they can get. I can see the fanboy battles ahead on which copy is a true first full appearance and so on and so forth.

Yeah this is a little messy with the first apps, so that is why I’m just going to get 5 of #96 and #97 for my PC. I would gladly pay $10-$20 for the #96 RI, but my LCS wants $55. I already preordered the #97 RI for $20 online to avoid getting gouged.

Good for you. Got to stay ahead of quick flippers. Lol

long term 95 is the book to get, especially the C&P and sdcc covers, 97 is gonna have a massive print run with a flood of store exclusives. on 97 buy for pc only dont buy for spec cause there isnt any

This site has a list of a lot of the variants. I’m personally getting 8 different ones for my PC. My LCS ordered heavy on 96A&B and 97A&B so Multiplemigz is spot-on with that.

While I can agree with some of what you are saying, print run isn’t the only factor. Content matters as well. I believe the first appearance of her as a ninja turtle will do well regardless.

However, given that they keep rambling on about how awesome #100 is going to be, if they are not careful they may exhaust the fan base before they get to that issue.

The market, imo, is showing that #51, 1st appearance of Jennika, is the book to own for this character. The 1:10, A and B and Fried Pie variant.

Recent closed sales of #51.

Recent closed sales of #95.

There’s no going wrong with 51. Can’t say the same for all the others.

95 low print runs are next. Although I like the 2nd print personally for the PC (not necessarily for spec) because it’s low buy-in and she’s on the cover. It’ll be interesting to see if the 2nd print has a higher print run than the first. You never know.

Everything else is a crap shoot.

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I will add, @D-Rog, Jennika (in human form), is on the cover to #95B.

Maybe that’s relevant to the price of A vs. B, but I think her first cover as a human was issue 59. So 2nd print is first cover as a “turtle”’excluding fancy dancy store/con exclusives.

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Still waaaaaay too early to call this one. 95 shot up and came back down to about half after the stores got the last of the stock in but the masses aren’t into the game yet and even 96 doesn’t really do anything to start getting them into the game. 51 and 95 are the two books but 97 may easily end up being the cooler offering if she suits up and does anything as promised. Over the long haul 51 is going to get surpassed in availability and pricing due to double the supply compared to 95.

I’m thinking both books are sit on for a longer play later at better pricing potential options. I don’t expect 95 to go lower now that no more store stock should be hitting in mass to dilute it while 51 may actually come down as more of the double the size qty of back stock starts to surface and get sought out. I remember with Naomi #1 it took two full months before it cracked the $20 in sales point and another month or so to start getting into stupid high FOMO range. 95’s been doing better than that and it hasn’t even been 30 days since 31 came out yet. This trains just getting started!!! :bullettrain_front: