TekWar animated show

Better buy this now !!! OMG BUY BUY BUY !!!

People are sheeping to buy Babylon 5 comics, so BUY this shite !!!


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This had me at “Shatner”… Hahahaha!

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8 copies have sold this month including a CGC 9.8 for $159

My God…….I…must……buy tekwar NOW……


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I didn’t buy this when it came out, and I was a huge Star Trek nerd at the time!

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I bought just about every copy of Babylon 5 off of Ebay and now I’m gunna buy all of these!




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Oh there goes my productivity this morning with this announcement…

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want this already a short lived tv show?

A blast from the TFAW past


KCC put out an alert about this. I wonder if issues that had been sitting around for years suddenly got scooped up?


Nahhh… that never happens with KCC. :thinking: :thinking:

Check with Escape from NY, and Dept. H

In these cases it’s actual news…so if they have these books to dump, kudos to them for believing in these franchises…


yeaaaaa… unfortunately my winking sarcasm doesn’t come out so good at times via just words. But I do agree.
What’s great fun is trying to get within that 60 second timeframe of an alert to purchase cheap issues of anything. One clicks on links and everything is “SOLD”. Then you find one that is not sold; try to buy it; and it’s Sold within that 8 seconds. It’s kinda interesting as well as hilarious at times

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What is this series even about

war involving tek

Sounds like a winner.

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